Monday, March 3, 2008

GreenSand and Honomolino Beaches

GreenSand Beach

With our new car it is now possible to explore beyond a 10 mile radius, our biking limit, and on thursday last week we headed down to South Point and hiked out to Green Sand Beach. I had camped here way back in 1996 and hadn't been here in 8 years or so. Colleen and her bro Dale visited here when they were on the island many years ago as well but it was the first time here for Ambiana!

The beach is at the bottom of an eroded cinder cone and it is a fun climb down to it. There were lots of people there the day we visited including a poodle. It is about a 50 minute hike out from where we park the car. There were really good waves and it was a soft sandy beach to be thumped upon by the surf.

Ambiana slept on the way out and for most of our time on the beach but she did get in some good fun running around in the sand!

Honomolino Beach

On Sunday we drove North to Miloli'i and hiked 20 minutes south from the beach park there to Honomolino Bay where there was fine black sand beach Neither Colleen or me had been to this one before. The trail out to it passed through some vegetation that we had not yet seen on the island including what looked like cactus snakes covering lots and lots of trees.

There was a village down here long, long ago and we passed this shrine at the head of a path to a Kapu (Taboo) Heiau (Temple).

The beach was surrounded by palms and had soft black sand. It was fun ti just sit upon it and laze the day away!

Yaya and Mommy played in the waves. I didn't see it but apparently Yaya was loving wallowing in the surf, letting the waves wash over her when suddenly a big one took her by surprise and covered her. I did here her cries but she was just startled not seriously drowned and she was laughing about it moments later!

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