Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still @ Riverside

We have learned a lot about what a community is not here at Riverside. Though they own the land in common and receive a weekly allowence we did not see much of any community spirit during our 10 days here. Philip came and went and we were pretty much on our own. We walked around and met some interesting folks but they all seemed to be renters not members of the community. The one thing they did together that we saw was get together on Christmas Eve and have a gift exchange.

Philip took us to the beach which is a THE thing to do over the Holidays here in New Zealand and Motueka is one of the more popular places to go to the beach.

Ambiana really liked the river flowing into the sea and spent a lot of time splashing and wading about.

Yaya enjoys the late evening sunset meadow!

It was only on our last night at Riverside that we sat down and enjoyed a dinner with other folk. Here is Philip's neighbor Raewyn (center) and her friend from Wellington. The empty space beside Colleen is where Philip would be sitting but he wandered off just as we sat down. It was a very loooong ten days at Riverside with only maybe 12 hours of work in the garden. Some WWOOFing places are better than others but we did meet some nice folk!


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