Friday, December 7, 2007

Good-Bye to Nathan

Leaving Aroha :(

After 18 days we decided it was time to move on from Aroha Organics and see what else new Zealand had to offer. We could happily have stayed for another month because Nathan was so kind and generous and wonderful to be around and work for. Our last week was filled with sunshine and strawberries! Irrigating the strawberries, picking the strawberries, packaging the strawberries and of course EATING the strawberries. Colleen made several yummy strawberry and rhubarb pies and on our last night Nathan busted out the Cadbury Vanilla Ice Cream to go along with it :)

Collen also rescues 11 baby chicks from the woods beside the chicken coop and moved them inside to a box with a light much to the delight of Ambiana! We will miss Nathan and Steph very much but look forward to the time when they will come and be WWOOFers on our organic farm somewhere in the States!


Nathan took us into Timaru to catch the bus (stopping 1st at the refuse center to throw out some plastic ground cover and about 100 gallons of unusable biodiesel remnants) It was a sad good bye :( The bus to Christchurch took about 2 hours and was packed full. Yaya and Colleen sat next to a nice Indian man who delighted in Ambiana's presence!

Once in Christchurch we had a pizza agaian at the Holy Grail sports bar where i watched Game 3 of the World Series. This time there was a soccer game on the big 30' screen. We then booked passage on a bus to take us out to the Banks Penisula and Little River where our next WWOOFing experience awaits us. Ambiana and I played in the sun while Mommy made the arrangements. She loves to "run around" practicing for a race with gaelen in Hawaii!