Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Days at Aroha Organics

We have been at Aroha organics now for 6 days and we LOVE it here even more! My days start at8am when i wake up and join nathan who is usually up at half 4. (yikes) The first couple of days he showed my the irrigation set up so i could tend to it while he and his wife Steph had a weekend away.

Colleen and Yaya are up and about by 10am and when I am done with my 6 hours at 3pm I take Ambiana for her nap while Colleen works till 5pm. Nathan varies the tasks so we don't get bored and he often works beside us plus there is a nice lady named Lynn who comes and helps out as well. Here yaya and Colleen water the herb garden. They are also in charge of feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. Yaya loves the baby chicks!

Nathan is super friendly and very fun to work with. He shot a rabbit our first day and we ate it the next night for dinner. Yaya yummed it up, her first tase of meat! They left us alone on Friday night and when they came back on Saturday Nathan and Steph cooked us an old fashioned NZ Bar-B-Que and we all ate together on the front lawn during sunset. Then we pulled down the big screen, got out the DVD projector and had a popcorn and beer party while watching "Woodstock." Nathan makes his own homebrew and the chiller is full of them and we get to sample one or two when our work day is done. Even though we work 6 hours a day it does not seem like a long day like the 4 hours at Wairuna organics did because we are so generously welcomed into the household.

On Sunday Natahan gave us use of his car to drive into Timaru and check out the sights. I drove and did quite well on the left side except for the occassional activating of the windshield wipers when I tried to engage the turn signal :) We walked the downtown, checked out a local market and spent sometime on the local strand (beach) so Ambiana could run Nakie in the sun, dip her bottom in the sea and try on Mommy's shoes :)