Thursday, December 20, 2007

Riverside Community

Riverside in Motueka is the oldest Intentional Community in New Zealand, founded by some pacifist in the 1940's. Motueka we noticed while awaiting our ride there is very Hippyish, on the sea and backsided by mountains and Abel Tasman National Park. It is very pretty here!

Our host's name is Phillip and he has been living here since the 70's. We spent our first day wandering the place. Yaya liked this opening in a handmade slide... wel as the 3 cats that live with Phillip. We are staying in his house and will be working in the Gardens 4 hours or so each day. We will be here at least a week and are looking forward to our time here! Happy Winter Solstice everyone! We are celebrating the Winter Solstice even though it is Summer here because that is is where WE are in the wheel of the year. Planting our new year seed in the bloom of the Southern Summer!


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