Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Daily Routine

Damien and Laura from Austrailia were our fellow WWOOFERS the first week. We would meet them for breakfast in the "Station" at 8am and eat yummy toast and porridge before starting work at (am. Colleen and Yaya cut flax and made string while I weeded and areated soil. We would generally work till 1pm with a short break at 11am and then have the rest of the day to ourselves. We work 6 days a week and at first my body ached in a different part each day. Colleen and Yaya loved playong in the dirt. With our time off we made trips into town to buy ice cream and chocolate and explore. I read, 3 books this week including the Kite Runner and In Cold Blood. Damien and Laura left on Saturday and we moved into the Station where our kitchen is and where there is a wood stove.

Mama and yaya cooking in the Station

The weather here is very springlike, cold and then sunny and then rain and then sunny and then hail and then sunny. We eat our dinner with Pia and Shawn and their 11 year old daughter Arisha. Colleen and Laura took turns cooking and we ate late at 8pm as it does not get dark till 9pm. Pia is into astrology and we have spent after dinner time discussing that. She is on the North Island this week so it's just Shawn Arisha and us and we are fending for ourselves for dinner. We leave on Sunday for another farm a bit north of here