Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dunedin and Timaru

We spent a night in Dunedin at a MotorPark camped out in our tent and perusing the city for ice cream, books and internet time. Jay drove us in along with Patch and dropped us at the MotorPark and waited while we set up and then took us downtown. We had a nice day and a beautiful walk back to our campsite. Here is Colleen and yaya waiting for the Bus in front of the Dunedin Train Station :)

We caught the Bus at 2:15pm. Ambiana loves to ride the bus and look out the windows for sheep and cows and dogs. She is a great little traveller nd even takes her naps on the bus when she grows tired of gazing out the windows.

Aroha Organics

Nathan Davis was waiting for us when we arrived in Timaru and he took us back down the road to Aroha Organics. We'll have a picture of him soon:) We really like it here, they have fruit trees, vegie gardens, herb gardens, chickens, bees and hazlenuts plus 3 we dogs and a turtle. We have a room in the house, eat all meals together and work 6 hours a day and love every minute of it. Here are Colleen and Yaya in front of the roadside fruit market.