Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday @ Aroha

Nathan took Steph to the airport today so she could fly home to England for the holidays. He left us with chores to do including irrigation and weeding! I spent 3 hours trimming Strawberry leads...

while Colleen and Ambiana washed and prepared Salad mix. Colleen made a yummy cheesy vegie potato pie for dinner and a yummy stawberry pie for desert!

Ambiana in action!!!

Our Weekend Adventure

On Thursday Night, Nathan and I had a pizza cook-off, each making 2 pies apiece. I took honors in the crust department while Nathan's sauce, made up of homemade plum sauce, homemade tomato sauce and a green pesto was definatley the winner.

On Friday Nathan and Steph gave us use of their car and directed us south about 150km to Hampden by the sea where they own 5 acres and two wee houses one of which we were given use of for the night. Ambiana really liked the flowers out front!

We made a trip to the World famous Moeraki Boulders which are septerian concretions formed some 65 million years ago. Crystallization of calcium and carbonates around charged particles in muddy undersea sediments gradually formed the boulders in a process taking as long as four million years and then they emerge via erosion from the bluff onto the beach. They were definatley a spectacle being so round and egg like...

Yaya just had to climb them...

and Colleen just had to climb in one!!!

On Saturday Tony Cavanaugh greeted us with a bag of breakfast and we joined him at his house for a birthday party for his 4 year old daughter Florence. Tony and Nathan are good mates! There were lots of kids and Ponies to ride. Colleen and Ambiana enjoyed their ride in the Pony Cart!

Ambiana didn't want to ride on the Pony's back but she didn't hesitate to ump right on the Horse's back for a trot around the paddock!