Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clinton, South Otago NZ

The bus dropped us in Clinton at 1am so we camped in this local playground. Yayawas so excited when she woke up and exited the tent and saw the slide and swings!!!

Wairuna Organics

We called our hosts Pia and Shawn Dickhaut and they came right out to get us and put us right to work, Colleen harvesting flax and me helping with some irrigation hose.

Our accomodation was this converted bus, very cozy and quaint yet unheated which made for some brisk nights!!!

Yaya and I enjoyed the hammocks in the apple orchard

Arriving in Christchurch NZ

After clearing customs I enquired about where I was most likely to be able to watch the World Series and was directed to downtown Christchurch to the Holy Grail, conveniently located on a bus route and near where we needed to catch the bus to Clinton later that evening. I was overjoyed to find not only was the game on it was on a 30 foot screen!!! The Sox were ahead 9-5 when we had to run to catch the bust to Clinton!

Colleen and Yaya caught up on their sleep during the 8 hour ride.