Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Ocean

We had lots of freetime at the Beecroft gardens, it seems we were there mostly to keep Bil and jay and Teigan company, I think we worked a total of maybe 3 hours the entire 8 days we were there. A little weeding here, a little planting there. The first thing Jay did was take us down to the Ocean to walk along the beach. We saw lots of shells, a pod of dolphins, and even a seal way up off the beach sheltering from the wind behind some flax. The weather was mostly overcast with spots of sun but we did have a glorious Saturday full of sun!

We ate all our meals with Bill, Jay and Teigan and cooked most of them too. We really enjoyed getting to know them, they are very interesting people with very anit-establishment and anti-government views. Daddy spent hours sitting and talking and reading with them while Mommy and Yaya and Teigan wandered the Animal Park and the Playground

Ambiana's favorite thing to do on the beach was to climb rocks!