Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last Days in New Zealand


We spent our last 3 days in New Zealand travelling from the South Island to the North Island. We took this ferry to Wellington and it was super packed and not much fun!

We did find a nice hostel on a hill with a nice view of the city! Titanic was playing on local tv so you know what daddy did :)

We have been tenting at all the hostels we stay it which is very nice, especially in the cities and it saves us $$ too :)


The 12 hour bus ride to Auckland on Saturday was not the horror Colleen expected but it did tire us out as you can see here Ambiana is sleeping late into the morning, our precious little girl, almost 2!

We spent the day before catching our flight walking into Auckland...

...and seeing such things as the Sky Tower, doing some shopping for snacks on the plane and looking for one final custard square which I never found. New Zealand has been a great experience. Our favorite place definately with Nathan and Steph in St. Andrews at Aroha Organics but each place jad something to offer. Now we are looking forward to Part IV of our travelling adventure in Hawai'i!!!