Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tractors and Peas

I got to drive the tractor today as I fertilized the strawberries with an organic biodynamic seaweed fertilizer! Nathan is about the same age as Jay of Beecroft Gardens but they couldn't be more different in their farming styles. Eight days at Beecroft dragged by as we did hardly any work. It was nice to sleep in till 10am and catch up on my reading but I much prefer these up at 7:30am, work till noon, eat a good lunch and then hit the dirt for a few more hours like we do here. Makes Nathan's homebrews that much sweeter :)

We have had only one rainy day since we arrived over a week ago. Here nathan and Colleen plant some peas! I knock off around 3 or 4pm then hang with Ambiana while Colleen works till 5 or 6pm. Natahan just keeps on working until we drag him in for dinner. We have been invited to a kid's birthday party on Saturday where there will be a pony for the kids to ride. Nate and Steph are giving us their car so we can go south, spend the night and attend the party while they enjoy an empty house for a night as Steph is flying home to England on December 2nd for 4 weeks.

Check out my new green hoody! I found it in a thrift store in California the day before we left for Fiji. It didn't get much use there but it's been my best friend here on the chilly South Island of new Zealand!