Thursday, January 3, 2008

Canaan Downs Festival

We spent the New year's Holiday weekend at a Music Festival at Canaan Downs. We volunteered as part of the waste management team in exchange for our ticket. It was 5 days of techno /reggae beats and drums.

We had a sweet camp site in the woods where we slept peacefully for the 4 nights we were there.

The festival had a kidzone which we visited everyday. Here Ambiana paints the van!

There was a Capoera workshop everyday as well which Colleen loved. It's a Brazillian martial dance form with accompanying music!

We snuck away one day to a swimming hole and re-discovered Eden. Here is our little Eve!

On the last night of the festival Yaya sat down at the drums in the tribal zone. It was really mellow after 4 nights of techno beats and we had a really nice time dancing with the other kids. Ambiana was so sweet, going up to the other kids and asking them if they wanted to dance!

We hitched out on Wednesday after our last shift on the waste management team and enjoyed some ice cream back in Motueka. Now it's bus to Picton, Ferry to Wellington, bus to Aukland and then on Sunday we fly to Hawai'i!


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