Friday, November 30, 2007

FOUND: Colleen's Biological Dad

When we were travelling cross country in September Colleen got word from Kris (Her Biological Mom) that she may have found Colleen's Biological Dad and passed on an address to her. Colleen wrote him a letter and when we were in Fiji she rceived an e-mail from him confirming he was indeed her Father. He also sent her a letter and some pictures care of my Mom in Boston and yesterday we received a package from my Mom that included his letter. His name is Mark Steiber and he lives in Houston Texas with his wife Ronda and 12 year old daughter Elyse. He enclosed this picture from 1979. It's like seeing Colleen with a moustache:) Colleen definately has her ftaher's eyes dont' you think???

Ronda, Elyse and Mark Steiber

Darth Gaelen

We also received this picture of Darth Gaelen on Halloween Evening:)