Monday, November 19, 2007

Life at Beecroft Gardens

We slept in each day til 9am and then Yaya would have her Nakie Time. She loves to be naked and is really silly when she is, rolling and scampering about and laughing, laughing, laughing :)

Jay took us to town one day and we got ice cream and pizza and Daddy found a new book! Jay then took us to his hometown by the river and we saw his house and heard about his life growing up. Jay is 32 and does not think he will see 40 as he believes G.W. Bush is gonna inflict another "terroist act" upon the US this summer so he can hold onto power and will thus trigger WWIII and Armegeddon. We hope he is wrong, but we do share his distrust of Big Oil and Big Pharamcueticals and strive to live our lives as Organically as possible.

With our free time we wander the paddock...

...and the beach! Colleen made some friends on Friday and we got ourselves invited to a 70th Birthday Party and met some of Bill's neighbors and other locals from Taieri Mouth. On Monday the 19th Jay drove us into Dunedin for a night and on the 20th we are going to take a bus to Timaru and our 3rd WWOOFing farm!