Monday, September 22, 2008

Boston 3 Indians 4

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

Tony had tickets to the Red Sox/Indians game and he took Gamma and me. Our seats were right on the right field foul line so close we needed a mitt for protection which we didn't have. I asked the ushers, the ballboys, even asked Alex Cora as he wasn't starting. No luck but lucky 2 men behind us had their mitss and they saved Tony's face in the late innings from being re-arranged by a foul ball. One moment Tony's hands were going to his face, his cell phone dropping, next instant a lunging mitt is there as the ball thumped loudly into it.

Ambiana wanted to see Wally the Green Monster so we got there early and asked everyone where Wally was, no one knew but Ya scored a free hot dog from a really nice hot dog man. It turns out Wally doesn't mingle, he arrives on the field in a four-wheeler and cavors with the VIP's on the field. He did saunter in front of us waving a flag but ignored our greetings and proceeded to chat it up with the groundscrew.

This is the closet Ambiana got to him. She was OK about it and even stayed through the 1st inning. She really loved being able to scream as loud as she could and smiled big when 38,000 people screamed for Big Papi and for "YooooooooouK".

It was a good game except the Sox lost 4-3. They had lots of chances but could not get a hit with runners in scoring position. They left men at 2nd and 3rd in the 1st inning, basses loaded with one out in the 7th and couldn't get a run in and then Lowrie struck out in the 9th again with runners on 2nd and third when a base hit would've won the game. No matter it was fun to be at Fenway for the 4th time this year. The Sox wrapped up a wild card spot with a win the next night against Cliff Lee 2008 Cy Young winner-to-be who fell to 22-3. Tony and Gamma were there for that one as well joined by Katie and Maya for 6 innings and Tony had a mitt!