Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pedroia wins AL MVP


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pedroia wins 1st Golden Glove

Dustin Pedroia followed up his Rookie of the Year 2007 Award by winning his 1st Golden Glove as a 2nd Baseman. He is also a strong candidate for AL MVP Honors. Of course he would trade them all for a 2nd World Series ring but still it's a great accomplisment for Lil' Pedro!

Jacoby who was the favorite at the beginning of the year, based on his post-season success last year to be the AL Rookie of the Year, ended up 3rd behind Evan Longoria of the Rays and something or other Ramirez, 2nd baseman for the Chicago White Sox. Ellsbury stoloe 50 bases but slumped at the plate and was benched for the final 3 games of the ALCS.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rays Lose World Series 4 games to 1

I tuned into a bit of each World Series game but was there listening to the radio at the beginning of the continuation of game 5 with the Phillies and Rays tied 2-2. When former Red Sox Eric Hinske struck out on 3 pitches to end the game I actually pumped my fist in celebration. Good for you Philly! You would think I would root for the AL Champs and another World Series title for the AL East but I wanted the Rays to lose, have wanted them to lose ever since Barret injured Coco by blocking 2nd base with his leg way back in June and then hit him with a pitch in the next game.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Red Sox lose ACLS 4-3

The Red Sox almost pulled off a spectacular comeback against the Tampa Bay Rays but not quite. After winning Game 5 8-7 after being down 7-0 with 7 outs to go and winning game 6 4-2 behind a gritty performance from Josh Beckett the Sox bats could not get it done on Sunday night and lost 3-1 to lose the best of 7 series 4-3.

The Rays have had the Sox's mojo since they took 4 of 6 in September and truly deserve to go to the World Series capping their remarkable season in which they went from the worst team in the Majors to a World Series berth.

The Sox really missed Mike Lowell, out with a Hip injury as his replacement in the line up, Mark Kotsay left 20 men on base in the ALCS. It was a tough season for the Sox what with the Manny incidents and trade, the injuries to Lowell, Schilling and Big Papi, the struggles of Josh beckett and Tim Wakefield, Jacoby and Lowries troubles at the plate and the up and downs of an inconsistent bullpen. I guess I can say I saw all this coming way back in May when Pap blew two saves out of the bullpen even though it was not the pitching that let the Sox down in the decisive game but rather a lack of clutch hitting. On the plus side Pedroia and Youk had MVP caliber seasons, Dice-K got 18 wins, Lowrie was a boon at shortstop and Coco Crisp re-emerged as an productive batter.

I must admit I quit the Sox after the 5th in Game 5 but not completely as I checked back in on the radio just in time to catch the last 2.2 innings of a most incredible comeback as the Sox with 2 out in the 7th and down 7-0 scored 8 runs in the next 2.1 innings.

The Sox did it with clutch hits from Pedroia, Kotsay, and Crisp and with home runs by Big Papi and JD Drew who also had the walk off hit in the bottom of the 9th scoring Youk who reached when Longoria threw the ball away while blowing a bubble.

Listening to the play-offs on the radio was a 1st time experience and so much better than the TV as I feel like I know the broadcasters and thus it is more personal. Joe's game winning call in game 5 was the best I've ever heard! We did have Game 5 and 6 as well as Game 4 against the Angels.

I am a bit sad but not too much, the Sox have won 2 World Series in my lifetime so far which is GREAT. This year belongs to Tampa Bay, a great story in itself, but there is always next year. The year after a World Series win has been an obssessive one for me as a fan as I would love for them to repeat. Next season I should be a little more flexible and not revolve my life around a red Sox broadcast. Here's to a great offseason! The Sox open up at home next year against...who else but Tampa Bay!

Monday, October 6, 2008



Beckett, making his 1st start since the loss against the Indians that I went to with Tony and Gamma, had a shaky outing, giving up 2 home runs to Mike Napoli and getting a no decision in the loss which went to Javiar Lopez who gave up a double a sac bunt and a hit scoring Napoli in the top of the 12th. The Sox left the bases loaded and runners in scoring position in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th inning. I watched the 1st 5 innings at McGillicudy's and then came home to listen to the end at home on the snugli couch.


I listened to this game complelety at home on the radio. It was very exciting, Lester pitching strong, few hits by either team, then in the 5th the Sox score 2 on hits by Varitek, Ellsbury and Pedroia. Lester is lights out but comes out after the 7th and Okijima gets the 2 outs and gives up a walk before he is lifted for Masterson to face Guerrero. Masterson gets ahead 0-2 but ends up walking him and then a wild pitch to Hunter puts men on 2nd and 3rd. Hunter rips a base hit to right and 2 runs score. Fenway is as silent as a tomb. Especially after the Sox go 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 8th. YTop ninth, the Angels lead off with a double, I start to get ready for a loss and the thoughts that maybe this is not our year, too many injuries, a shaky bullpen...Pinch runner comes in, he's bunted to third. One out. Manny Delcarmen is pitching. The angels go for the aqueeze play but the better misses the bunt and Tek chases the runner back to third and gets him out with a diving tag. Fenway explodes. On the next pitch the batter grounds out to 1st. The crowd roar is deafening. On one play the momentum has shifted 180 degrees.

Bottom of the 9th: Drew strikes out, Bay follows with a double. Kotsay lines the 1st pitch down the 1st base line, a sure base hit but Texiera makes a sensational play. Joe Castiglione is goping on about how the Sox were inches from a win when Lowrie smacks the 1st pitch he sees in the hole between 1st and 2nd and under the diving 2nd baseman for a base hit. Bay rounds third, the throw comes home. Bay dives for the plate. He's SAFE. The Red Sox win the game 3-2, the Red Sox take the series 3-1 CAN U BELIEVE IT????? Ant the best thing about play-off wins on the radio??? Joe Castiglione takes the mic into the locker room celebration describing what he sees and interviewing practically every player amidst the champagne showers. He even talks to Theo and the Owners. Sweeeeet! I'm up to 12:20am listening to all the descriptions of the celebration. The Rays advanced today as well so it's off to Tampa for a Friday night opener of the ALCS! Broadcaster Dave O'Brien is done for the year as he now moves over to ESPN International to do the Championship Series and World Series for overseas TV.

Jed Lowrie left bases loaded in Game 3 when a hit would've won the game, tonight he did not hesitate and knocked in the winning run boosting the Red Sox to the ALCS!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ALDS Game 1- Red Sox 4 Angels 1

I drove into Montepelier last night at 9:30pm to watch the 1st game of the ALDS between the Sox and the Angels in Anaheim. It was not much fun, my barmate was not interested in chatting and the bartender made an ugly face when he took my last $3 for a beer. I stayed til 11:30am with the Sox trailing 1-0 on a Lowrie error. Listening in the car on the way home Jason Bay slammed a 2 run homer to put the Sox ahead and I listened to the end of the game snuggled on the couch in the living room.

The Sox added 2 more runs in the 8th and won 4-0. Lester pitched out of jams early and was dominating the last 3 innings he pitched. Masterson worked a scoreless 8th and Paplebon struck out the side in the ninth for the win.

Ellsbury regained his swing in September and went 3-5 with 2 singles, a double, 2 stolen bases, a spectacular catch and a run scored. Yippeeee!

Monday, September 29, 2008


The Red Sox could not overcome the Rays and settled for the Wild Card. I listened to most of the games and was crushed by the back to back losses to TB in Fenway. Too many injuries, not enough clutch hits. If the Sox get hot in Anaheim they could win it all!