Thursday, May 8, 2008

Red Sox in Detroit

I have been following the Sox via MLB Gameday but that changed when we got to Toledo!

Red Sox vs. Tigers

We left Chicago on Monday and drove to my dad's in Toledo. On Tuesday Patti and I drove up to Detroit to see the Red Sox Play the Tigers.

We had seats in the upper deck behind home plate, a perfect view of the Red Sox 5-0 victory. Big Papi and Manny went deep back2back and Wakefield pitched an awesome game!

It was my first time to the new stadium and I was impressed they did a real nice job and I really liked all the tiger staues and motifs.

Gaelen went with John (Eden's dad) to a game at Fenway on April 30th. The Sox won 2-1 on a walk off double by Varitek scoring Manny. Big Papi also hit a homer so it was a great game for Gaelen as Big Papi and Varitek are his favorite players plus it was his first time seeing the Sox win at Fenway in the four games he has gone to!

Mud Hens Baseball

On Wednesday me and Colleen and Yaya and Patti and my Dad went to see the Mud Hens play

It was raining and no one was there and we sat behind home plate for 4 innings and left when the game was delayed. It was too bad as Ambiana is a budding baseball fan. We will come back for a game when we pass thru in June!

We caught the end of the 3rd game between the Sox and the Tigers on TV. The Sox made great comebacks but their pitching let them down all around culminating with Papelbon blowing his first save this year as the Tigers got a walk off win in the bottom of the 9th. The Red Sox are in 1st place with a record of 22-14, 3.5 games ahead of Tampa Bay!