Thursday, May 22, 2008


Gaelen and I went to see the Sox play the Royals on May 22nd. We scalped 2 tickets which turned out to be no good because they had all ready been used and then passed out to be sold to suckers like us. We were bummed and as I was explaining to Gaelen why we would not be going in a man stepped up, apologized for eavesdropping and then gave us 2 tickets! We were overjoyed and thanked him profusly then hurried in to the park and found our seats on the left field line right below the GULF sign.

The Sox won 11-8 behing 2 grand slams; one by JD Drew and one by World Series MVP Mike Lowell. We had a great time, Dice-K got the win and Papelbon the save. We spent an half an hour after the game collecting cups and coke caps before they kicked us out of the park. We then stood with lots of others and watched the Sox load up on the buses taking them to the airport to catch a flight to Oakland!


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