Monday, July 21, 2008

Sox swept by Angels

The Sox got swept by the Angels getting blown out in the 1st game but gave up the lead in the next two while stranding a ton of baserunners. Pedroia, Youk and manny are hot while Jacoby and Lowell continue to struggle. Lugo is on the DL and Lowrie is up. Big Papi is in the minors rehabing and hitting homers and retunrs on Friday against the Yanks. The Sox are in 2nd 1.5 behind the Rays and last night finally won against the Mariners 4-0 with lester pitching 7.1 innings and Pap coming in to get the final 5 outs as the bullpen is no longer reliable and pap hasn't pitched since the All-Star game. Tek hit a homer which hopefully means he's comin out of his slump. We are at Falcon Ridge and reception was horrible last night so i only listened to one inning.