Monday, July 14, 2008

57--40 1st place @ All-Star Break!

What a week, the Sox began 5 games back and are now 1/2 a game up on the reeling Rays who have lost 7 in a row! The Sox split 4 games with the yanks over the 4th of july weekend. I got to watch the 1st game at the Scahills and listened to most of the next 3 on the Yankees radio network as we were camping in NY! It kills me when the Sox lose by NOT getting timely hits and makes me wonder why it hurts so much like it did back in 1986. I guess i have become greedy and 2 World Series titles in my lifetime are not enough.

I caught most of the games against the Twins and the O's while we were roaming around Vermont. It is nice to be back in Red Sox Nation as there are other Sox fans to share the delight with.

Seven Red Sox: Big Papi, Manny, Youk, Pedroia, Drew, Pap and Varitek are going to the All-Star game in NYC.