Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Sox 6 Indians 5 10 innings

The Red Sox played lackluster ball and lester gave up a coupleof homers and 5 runs before settling down. The Sox scored 2 in the 6th and 3 in the 8th tieing it with an RBI single by Jacoby. I had the game on while working but didn't really start paying attention till they started scoring runs. Jonathan Van Every, starting in place of Drew hit the game winning homer in the top of the 10th as I listened at home. Van every also made two great catches in right field and drove in a run in the 8th.

Okijima got the win, Pap got the save and the Sox have now come back from 7-0, 6-0 and 5-0 deficits and are 2-1 in extra innings

Red Sox 6 Indians 5 10 innings

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Sox 8 Indians 9

Penny lasted 2 and 2/3rds of an inning, gave up 7 runs and though the Sox scored 8 they made three errors and the last one, Lopez dropping a toss from Youk as he covered 1st cost them the game. The streak had to end sometime. Lugo returned to the lineup, went 2 for 3 but made one of the errors that led to some runs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Sox 3 Indians 1

The Red Sox took there 10 game winning streak to Cleveland where Wakefield matched up against 2008 Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. Wake was awesome again allowing one hit through 7 innings though he did walk 3. Lee went 8 innings and gave up a bunch of singles.

Manny DelCarmen pitched a scoreless 8th for the Sox and the Tribe brought in new closer former Cub Kerry Wood for the 9th. Pedroia walked then Big Papi got a hit and Youk flied out.

Next up was Jason Bay who blasted a 1-1 pitch deep into the left field bleachers, his 2nd two out 9th inning homer off a dominating pitcher in 4 days, to put the Sox up 3-0.

Papelbon came in for the bottom of the 9th and immediately gave up 2 hard hit singles. He struck out Peralta for the 1st out then gave up another shot which plated a run. He struck out the former Red Sox prospect Kelly Shoppach then got Francisco to pop up to Youk to end the game and extend the winning streak to 11 games and put the Sox atop the AL East with a 13-6 record tied for first with Toronto.

Red Sox 3 Indians 1

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Red Sox Sweep Yankees

I was listening to this one at home through the 3rd and after the Sox tied it 1-1 I turned it off to have some snuggles with my lovie as we watched an episode of ER, relationships involve compromise and i felt i had been blessed by the last 2 games, plus with each of them lasting over 4 hours I figured I could have lovie time and still enjoy the end of the game. After snuggles I turned the game on in time to hear Big Papi double in Varitek to put the Sox up 2-1 ( I had only missed 1 1/2 innings)

What happened next is probably the most electric moment I've ever heard listening or watching a baseball game. JACOBY STOLE HOME!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE, Joe and Dave were beside themselves with excitement and I could practically hear Fenway without the radio it was that loud! Unreal! Then Drew doubled and it was 4-1 which thanks to great pitching by rookies hunter Jones and Michael Bowden held up to be the final score.

Watch Jacoby steal home!!

After starting 2-6 the Sox have now won 10 in a row, their longest April winning streak EVER! They not only swept the Yankees, they swept the homestand and are only a game behind Toronto in the AL East!

Red Sox 4 Yankees 1

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red Sox 16 Yankees 11

The Red Sox came back twice; once down b 6 runs, the second time down by 2, to beat the Yankees in what many thought would be a pitchers duel between Beckett and Burnett. Instead the Yankees got off to a 6-0 lead before the Sox reigned them in with a 5 run 4th inning in which Tek hit a grand slam into the Yankees bullpen. The Sox went ahead in the 5th scoring 3 runs including a solo homer by Jacoby Ellsbury. The Yanks tied it up in the 6th on Damon's 2 run homer and then pulled ahead on a two run error by Dustin Pedroia.

In the 7th the Yankees walked Jason bay to get at Mike Lowell who promptly hit a 3 run homer to left. Lowell then collected his 4th, 5th and 6th RBIs of the day in the 8th with a bases clearing double

Gaelen and listened to this game at home and thoroughly enjoyed it, who could believe it could top Fridays game!

Red Sox 16 Yankees 11

Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Sox 5 Yankees 4 11innings

The Red Sox won an epic game against the Yankees on a walk off homer by Youuuuuuk in the bottom of the 11th...

Jason Bay tied it with a 2 run homer with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th...

and Jacoby started it off with a lead off single, advanced to 2nd on a balk, stole third and continued home on a passed ball, putting the sox up 1-0 all by himself. In between though the Sox hit into 4 inning ending double plays and stranded 12 baserunners (13 total) as the Yankees tied then went ahead by a run. Nick Green plated the 2nd run but Okajima pitched to four batters in the 7th and allowed 4 hits getting nobody out. Delcarmen finished the inning but the Yanks led 4-2 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Lester struck out 7 but walked four and gave up 2 runs and did not get a decision. Ramon Ramirez who pitched the 11th got the win. Pedrioa robbed his new buddy Jeter not once but twice including a sweet play in the bottom of th 9th that saved a run.

I listened on the radio, doing a jigsaw with Gaelen, i put on my headphones when i finished the puzzle and what was a frustrating night turned into a jubilant one. Fenway exploded twice.

Red Sox 5 Yankees 4 11 innings

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sox Sweep Rainy Double-Header from Twins

Jeff Bailey fresh from Pawtucket belted a 3 run homer in the 3rd inning of the nightcap and the Sox rolled to a 7-3 win to extend their winning streak to seven games. Brad Penny pitched well and Big Papi had a 2 run double. Ellsbury and Pedroia (who also doubled) drove in the other 2 runs and each scored a run and Nick Green added 2 doubles as well and scoring a run.

Red Sox Icon Dave Roberts who stole the most important base in Red Sox history threw out the 1st pitch.

Red Sox 10 Twins 1

Youk hit a 2 run homer, so did Kottaras and so did Lowell, it's 10-1 Red Sox in the bottom of the 7th in a game that will probably be called due to rain with Wake pitching great again. And Called it was, another complete game for Wake!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Sox sweep Orioles

The Sox won on Patriots' Day as I watched from work side by side with the Boston Marathon. Masterson pitched great, Big Papi had a double and a triple. Jacoby had 2 doubles and Tek hit another home run. Sweet game! RED SOX 12 O's 1

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red Sox Take 2 Games from O's Over Weekend

The Red Sox took both games over the Orioles this weekend. On Saturday we were at my sister's and Gaelen and I stayed up and watched the game on NESN. Beckett pitched okay, had a bad 4 run inning but the Sox had been ahead 6-0 and Papelbon hung on for his 4th save. Youk continues to tear it up, he had 4 hits including a 3 run homer as the Sox win 6-4.

On Sunday the old John Lester was back pitching 7 innings of 4 hit shut out baseball striking out 9. The Sox hung on to win 2-1 as Saito got into a bit of a jam in the 9th with runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs. He gave up a run but struck out the last batter to get his 1st American league save. Youk had another great day belting 2 doubles and scoring the 1st run.

My friend Chris Ulinski was in town with his family. Chris is running the Boston marathon on Monday and we spent the afternoon walking around the Public Garden and had lunch in the North End. I listened to the game on my walkman and caught a few innings on the big screen at lunch but missed the end of the game as there is no radio reception on the subways. The signal cut out in the top of the 9th when the O's had runners on 1st and 3rd and no outs and when I got off the subway the game was over.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Red Sox 10 Orioles 8

Driving to Boston for Maya Rain's 4th Birthday party on Saturday we listened to the game on the radio surfing between 4 or 5 different stations as we progressed south and east it's amazing how many holes in the coverage area there are between our home and Boston.

The O's went up 7-0 in the 2nd as Penny melted down, walked in 2 runs and gave up a grand slam. I am proud that I did not feel sick when this happened and was content to keep listening win or lose and the Sox did not disappoint, scoring 4 times in the bottom of the 2nd, and catching up to the O's in the bottom of the 5th and pulling ahead in the 6th 10-8. We arrived at Katie's at the bottom of the 8th and Gaelen and I watched as Papelbon pitched the 9th and won the game on a strike out.

Pedroia went 3-4, Ellsbury 2-5 JD Drew hit a triple and a homer and walked 3 times. Big Papi continues to struggle, he struck out 3 times and Jed Lowrie may be out for the year with a fracture in his wrist. His replacement, Nick Green, went 2-4 and had 2 RBI's.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Sox Salvage a Win in Oakland

The Red Sox won the final game of the three game series against the A's in Oakland after dropping the 1st two games and finish up their 1st road trip with a 2-4 record; 3-6 overall and in last place in the AL East 4 games behind the 1st place Orioles who arrive in Fenway on Friday for a four game series.

Tim Wakefield pitched brilliantly, getting a complete game four hitter after taking a no-hitter into the 8th. Lowell and Drew hit homers and the Sox had a six run 8th inning winning 8-2.

The Sox lost the 1st two games; Lester is now 0-2 and DiceK gave up five runs in the 1st inning on Tuesday and left the game with a fatigued arm (Thanks to the WBC where DiceK went 3-0, led japan to their 2nd title and was voted the MVP for the 2nd consecutive time).

DiceK is now on the 15-day disabled list along with Jed Lowrie who was sent back to Boston on Monday with a wrist injury he hid from the Sox during the last week of Spring Training and the 1st seven games of the season leading the Sox with Nick Green at shortstop. Couldn't have imagined wanting Lugo back in the line-up but that's the reality right now.

Youk continues to be red hot batting .472 while Ellsbury, Pedrioa and Big Papi are all struggling at the plate.
The Sox lost the opener 8-2 and dropped Tuesday's game 6-5 in 12 innings after spotting DiceK 3 runs in the 1st.

I have been having a Star Trek/red Sox sandwich for these late nigth games, listening to the 1st three innings then watching an episode of Deep Space Nine and catching the end of the game after Star Trek but I didn't make it to the end of Tuesday's game which ended around 2am Wednesday morning.

I only caught the last 2 innings of Wednesday's day game as I was in class when it started and it didn't last long as Wake went through the A's like popcorn and was completed in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

We'll be in Boston this weekend and I am planning on hanging out 'round Fenway on Saturday night...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Sox drop 2 of 3 to Angels

The Sox are starting in a slump losing 2 of 3 to the Angels over the weekend. Their only win came on Saturday on 2 Jason Bay Home Runs and a scary 37 pitch save by pap who gave up a homer and a double and left the bases loaded after an epic at bat against Howie Kendrick who fouled off 7 straight 0-2 pitches before flying out dramatically to Rocco Baldelli who made a great catch battling the sun in right field.

On Sunday Josh Beckett lost and ultimately got suspended for 6 games after he sailed a pitch over Boby Abreu's head when Abreu was granted time in the 1st inning. Words were exchanged, the benches and bullpens cleared, no punches were thrown but 4 Angels were tossed from the game including manager Mike Soscia and outfielder Tory Hunter.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Sox 3 Rays 4

Dice K did not pitch well and was soon behind 4-0 as he gave up 3 home runs, including another one to Evan Longoria. The Sox mada an attempt at a come behind win behind the hitting of Youk who had 3 hits and scored 2 runs but Lowrie again failed in the clutch striking out with runners on 2nd and 3rd in the 8th. Varitek led off the 9th with a homer, his 2nd, but Ellsbury flied out , Pedroia grounded out, Big Papi walked and then Youk (me praying for a walk off homer) flied out to center to end the game.

Youk is on fire though going 8 for 12 in the series and batting .667. I listened at home with Ya and then watched the end at work. I was hoping for a sweep but it looks like this year will be like last year, a battle to the end of the season.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RedSox 2 Rays 7

John Lester struck out 5 in the 1st two innings but gave up home runs to Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria as the Sox bats failed to show up. Especially glaring was Jed Lowrie's strike out with the bases loaded. I listened from home where I am missing a Red Sox Porch. I even donned headphones to listen while snugglin' Ambiana to sleep. I started to feel bad that they lost but then realized they are gonna lose probably 70 games so i best not let it affect my mood.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Red Sox 5 Rays 3

The Sox Home Opener was delayed one day by rain and it was an excited Moch who went to work today with the pre-game on the radio. I have it set up at work where i can listen to the game on the computer as well as watch it and I did both today and it was great! Beckett was in top form striking out 10 and reigning MVP Dustin Pedroia sent the 2nd pitch he saw over the Green Monster for a solo home run.

Everyone got a hit except for Jacoby :(. Drew, Lowell and Yooooouk hit doubles and Varitek homered to right. The only downer was Hideki Okajima who allowed 2 runs and didn't get anybody out but Justin Masterson got a big strike out and Papelbon struck out 2 to get his first save. Sox are in 1st Place!!!!