Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ambiana- 11 weeks & A trip 2 Boston!

Ambiana is 11 weeks old, one week left until Mommy returns to work! Can't believe how fast 11 weeks goes by! Seeing Maya Rain at her birthday I can't believe how fast 1 year goes by...time is a trip, orbiting the sun in a spiral dance through the galaxy, aint life wonderful, full of growing things, Spring is here, 60 degrees today, Colleen took Ambiana for her first hike this week and today they are out with the jogger running the old railway tracks in Northampton while I stay home and work! Ambiana and I take long walks by the river in the afternoon and stop by the playground to watch the local youth play basketball. My spring project besides turning the neglected riverside forest strip into a mini wilderness garden is to build a 16 foot canoe so we can Paddle to the Sea down the Connecticut! Stay tuned to this blog for updates and pics on that project. Yesterday i took the kayak out upon the river and explored two islands in midstream that have been ravaged by the floods of this past winter and fall, in spots there is driftstuff stuck in trees 12 feet above my head and there are all kinds of piles of trees and debris. Amazing force water, I have also been wandering the abandoned mills of Holyoke which was a bustling place 100 years ago but is barren and discarded now. The Companies that left should clean up their mess, Holyoke could be a beautiful place with a little TLC.

We went to Boston for Maya Rain's birthday party. Momma took a tumble crutchin into the house and broke a bone in her pelvis. Its not as bad as it could be but it never should have happened. Both Katie and me feel real bad as we were both right there when she fell but not close enough to catch her. Hopefully she will come live with us for a bit when she gets out of the hospital and rehab so we can give her some TLC and she can be a Granny to Ambiana and help out while Colleen is at work 3 days a week.

It's sunny and in the 60's today so I am outta here to play in the sun!

Our trip to Boston and maya's 1st B-day!

We spent 2 hours at the pool In Great Barrington with Gaelen, it was Ambiana's 1st time at the pool. She loved it as she loves her bathtime. Gaelen and I had Water Battles, wrestlin and rolling in the water, the big fun was pailfulls of water tossed about in which he ran through and under. It was a fun time but over oh so soon after full days together at our house. He tells us his soon to arrive sister will be named Hannah. This week he is coming to our house on Saturday as he has a sibling class at Baystate Medical in Springfield! We are gonna take him to the Egg and I for Pancakes!

Click here for pooltime fun!


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