Got the drainage pipes laid this past weekend and it took 66 5 gallon buckets of gravel to cover them. I then laid on the fabric and called in the digger. Billy arrived on Monday and began the process of backfilling which continued today and hopefully will be finished up on Thursday

17 of the 66 buckets of gravel

ready to be backfilled

retaining wall and joist support

moving the gravel

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Drive In’s and Concrete Block Walls


We took the girls to the drive in to see a double feature of Wonder Woman (Great!) ¬†and the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean (Good!) It was a perfect summer evening and even though we didn’t get home until 3am it was a very fun time!


With the blocks stacked and the rebar cut and placed I spent the weekend filling the blocks with cement. This took 48 buckets of gravel, 48 buckets of sand, 6 buckets of water and four bags of cement, all carried over a rickety bridge to my friend the cement mixer. Once the blocks were filled, my friend Stephen came over and we used 9 bags of surface bond cement to coat, seal and bond the bloks in place. I place anchors for the sills and then poured a footer for the retaining wall. Now it is time to do the drainage and then we can backfill and begin the timber part of the house!

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