Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iowa Morning

We drove through the night and arrived at Lake Anita State Park around 1:30am and set up the tent under a sky full of blazing stars. Here is Yaya emerging from the tent this morning.

More Chicago...

We spent Sunday night at Colleen's Mom's house and the next day Bill (Colleen's Mom's Husband) took the day off and we went to the Garland Park Conservatory. It was a bunch of huge greenhouses with an sculpture exhibit going on among the plants and out on the grounds. Here we are in the main hall

The sculptures were big and colorful and very childlike, not only Ambiana liked to climb on them, but Colleen and her Mom as well!!

Yaya and me liked this baseball player alot, yaya is still talking about the baseball game she went to in Toledo and how much fun it was!!!

Ambiana and Grampy Jim

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday getting ready to leave for Nebraska, we visited the Clancy's and forgot to take our camera so no pictures of them unfortunately but we did have a fine time with them and their new dog Scout. We left Chicago at 7pm on Wednesday bound for Nebraska!