Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 2: 1000 miles by Car

I arrived at the Scahills at 12:30am, no one was waiting up for me though I bet if Ambiana was with me Jan would have been on the couch awaitin' :) I slipped upstairs into the big comfy bed and fell right asleep. I was up at 8:30am and found a note from Jan and Bill saying they were at church and they pulled up as I was reading it. We visited till 11:30am before I hit the road again, it may be our last waystop here as they bought a house in South Carolina with Tim and are moving there next summer.

I arrived in Toledo at 7pm and had a nice supper with Dad, Patty was at a Mud Hens game and I didn't see her till the next morning. Poppa woke me up at *am and after a quick repast of granola Patti helped me unload the canoe and take it off the car. I was back on the road by 9am and at Colleen's dad's house by 12:30 CDT. It took me an hour to unload Colleen's packing job and then I hit the road again for Columbus and my lovies.

Meanwhile in Columbus Ohio...

Colleen and Yaya arrived in Columbus on Saturday night. On Sunday Stormy, Zane and Stone drove up from Cinncinnati to visit them

Colleen and Yaya are staying with Colleen and Michael, recently back from 2 years in Japan (see their blog on the right-hand sidebar;) I arrived at 9:30pm Monday night with a pizza and found them all playing happily in the living room! 2gether again!!! We are going to enjoy some time here in Columbus and then head North to my Dad's so he and Patti can spend sometime with Ambiana before we head West to Chicago for Colleen's 31st Birthday Part at Aunt Karen's!