Saturday, September 1, 2007

On Our Way

Colleen and Yaya flew out of Chicopee on Skybus @ 7pm headed for Columbus. Hannah's Mom Wendy drove them to the Westover AirBase and I stayed behind with Gaelen and Gamma to wait for Molly who arrived just as they were pulling out. This was the easiest goodbyes of them all, Molly even opened her arms and embraced me with a hug:) I was on the road by 6:45pm, Keith waving to me from his through the night to Webster...

NY Thruway 10:17pm

Bye Bye House

Gamma spent two days with us as we took the house apart around us, Gaelen was also here for the dismantling and a good thing it was for him to participate in our leaving. April is a long way away but I am grateful for the last 2 years with him and am ready to embrace the next phase our growth, time apart is a cocoon.

Before we left we paid one last visit to the Library, our favorite place...

...and feasted on pizza as the gas was turned off on the last day of August.

By 4pm Saturday the house was as empty as we found it, our lives and possessions removed and a space opened up for new life to come in.

Bye-bye House