Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Phoenix Arizona

Ambiana's favorite time is "Nakie-in-the-Tent' time just before bed. She gets so excited to have all her clothes off and then acts super sillious, laughing and clowing and tumbling around the tent. She loves it so much she sometimes gets Nakie in the Morning too!

After we left the Lake Powell campsite we drove south into Arizona all the way to the Petrified Forest national park which was a drive through park and we stayed just long enough to look at some wood turned to stoen and collect our 4th Jr. Ranger badge. Just out of the park were 2 gift shops on opposite sides of the road offering free camping but one required a $20 purchase so it wasn't really free so we chose the other one and spent the night there and drove the next day into Phoneix to visit Colleen's friend Stacey and have a little vacation from our Road Trip Life.

Ambiana, Me & the Sunset

Sunday September 30th, 2007

Stacey, Yaya and Colleen

We spent almost 4 days in Phoenix (Mesa really) visiting Stacey, her boyfriend, her family, her Grandma and enjoying her apartment complex's pools and eating lots of food and enjoying the sunsets. We bathed, washed our clothes, re-supplied, watched a video of Stacey & Colleen in a 3rd grade rendition of Romeo & Juliet and updated our blog (duh!!!) We are now ready to push off West in quest of California and a handfull of National Parks arriving eventually at Colleen's Uncle Mike's where we will end our Coast2Coast Trip and jet off to Fiji on October 9th!!!!


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