Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hermit's Rest Hike and Mesa Verde

After our hike along the Black Canyon rim we hit the road and wombled along the Canyon SouthEast finding a sweet viewpoint down ito the Canyon. A Ranger on his lunch break told me about the trail to the bottom and the beach there and the waterfall and cold caves along the way. He also told me he built the trail 30 some years ago along with the viewpoint's posts and rails. Colleen and I decided it would be a good hike down so we went for it and descended 808 feet along a cystal clear running stream running over rocks and falls down to where it met the Gunnison River at the bottom of the Canyon. We could feel the cold from the caves as we passed a big boulder fieldbut it was the sunslice on the beach we sought and languished in until the Earth's turning took us out of view of the sun.

Mama & Yaya @ Trail's End.

It was a sweet little womble find a 4 mile roundtrip up and down hike and then it was drive drive drive all the way to Ouray Colorado which I remember fondly as a quaint town at the mouth of a big canyon with a public hot pool in the middle. We found a richey-rich touristy town with way expensive pizza but a beautiful view. We camped south of town up up up up and up in a amphitheatre basin overlooking the town.

Ah tent life with a waxing moon...

The next day was drive drive drive some more through the San Juan's and past Telluride, we didn't stop in because we didn't want to see another touristy richey-rich town, so we drove and drove until Yaya peed herself and we got out to let her poop. She's been peeing in the tent and in the grocery store as she doesn't always tell us when #1 is coming. We are on it now and take her to pee before we get in the car and and right when we get out or every hour or so if we are out of the car. Once out of the mountains we found a nice children's park to run around in with Yaya for awhile before deciding to make our next stop...

Mesa Verde National Park

We arrived around 5pm and bought the Park Pass for $80 and decided to take a hike along the mesa rim out to a view point overlooking the big broad Montezuma Valley. We decided to spend the night at the park campground among the deer and the motorhomes and found a nice little spot tucked in among the Juniper and Pinyon pine with a moon and mountain view. After dinner a storm linguered to the West lightning splashing among the clouds as the quarter moon set among the stars of the Milky Way. Must be able to see the Milky Way is right up there with library on the list of things our new homeplace must have.

The next morning we woke early and drove up to the visitor center to make yummy oatmeal and dry the tent and apply for our Jr. Ranger badges. We then drove to the museum and wombled the exhibits filling in answers in our books before wandering down to the stone homes built under the overhang of a sandstone cliff.

I climbed into a Kiva as did Colleen but Ambiana wanted no part of that :) After we turned in our books and got sworn in as Jr. Rangers we decided we had had enough of the construction delays on the park road and decided to head out and North to Moab Utah.


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