Monday, October 22, 2007

The Way to Taveuni


The next morning we caught the bus from Lautoka to Suva arriving to find that the ferry was broken and was not going to Taveuni but to Savusavu instead from which we hoped we could find a way to Taveuni, the locals said it was possible so onboard we went. Everyone laid out on the floor of the lounge and slept. It was a 12 hour overnight trip and we arrived in Savusavu at 6am.



From Savusavu we caught a packed local bus that took us over 60km of unpaved jungle road to the ferry which looked like a toyboat and could not possibly hold all the folk on the bus but it did and we made the crossing to Taveuni in 1.5 hours


Barbara's Beach Campground

Once on Taveuni we walked into town and then caught a Taxi to a campground on the sea called Barbara's Place. It wasn't much of a beach and it poured buckets of rain on us our only night there. We did a little snorkeling but the water was real shallow and the reef mostly dead. We decided the next day to push on to Lavena. I tried to call Gaelen but the line kept saying the phone was busy.