Thursday, October 18, 2007

Naviti, Yasawa Islands

White Sandy Beach Resort

Our next stop was the Island of Naviti and White Sandy beach resort. This was recommended to us by the staff of the Yasawa Flyer. While it had the nicest beach and the best snorkeling with a reef out of a technicolor acid trip, the place was way to resorty for us, We were greeted with a song as we disembarked from our small boat, given a coconut drink with a flower in it and given the laws of the land which included no drinking water unless we paid for it and a trip to the beautiful beach cost $2. There was a large staff who got up early to practice rugby and net ball and after dinner they put on a real cheesy "Hula Show".

We spent most of our time on the beach snorkeling and playing with Ambiana in the shallows as she has overcome her fear of the waves. I told her not to be afraid of them, that they were only saying BULA!

The food was the worst and most of the folk here were they young party crowd that liked to stay up late and drink. It didn't have the nice village and family feel of the previous 2 islands but the snorkeling and the beach made up for it.