Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nacula, Yasawa Islands

Seaspray Resort

Adi's place had recommended Seaspray Resort on Nacula Island so we made that our next destination. It was an hour north on the Big yellow boat and this time we were the only ones going there. In fact there was only one other couple staying at Seaspray the 2 days we were there, Steve and Kathleen from Germany. Even though Adi had booked us before we left her place, when we arrived we were a surpise to them but they were happy to have us. Tourism is down in Fiji due to some political issues we are unware of.

Again we camped as we love our little tent home it being a familiar place for the 3 of us, especially Ambiana. They mowed a shady spot on the lawn for us to set up and served us lunch right after we arrived.

Yaya was thrilled as there must have been 15 dogs on the island. There are 4 resorts all on the same stretch of beach, all owned by the same Fijian family-tribe. Ours again was the no-frills resort, just some bures and amn eating space and some hammocks and some dogs and a cat or two.

On the other side of the island is the lagoon where the 1979 flic "The Blue Lagoon" was filmed. It was a 20 minute walk over the most lovely trail.

Join us in the Blue lagoon