Sunday, October 14, 2007

Waya, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Adi's Place

From the big yellow boat we transferred to the small open local boat with the 40hp motor which took us over the clear blue sea, over the coral reefs, over the shallow sandy beach to shore where the people of Adi's Place came out to great us and the other 4 people who were in the boat with us and to carry our bags up to the "resort."

Waya has the highest peak of the Yasawas and it towered over our stretch of beach. There are 2 other "resorts" on Waya and we'd had chosen the simplest one. No fancy frills, just some accomodations and an eating "bure" and very chill hosts all on a beautiful stretch of beach with rolling green covered hills rising behind us with rounded knobs of volcanic rock sticking up out of them.

Yaya was an immediate hit, fawned over with big smiles and lots of kisses and touches. We settled in under an open "Bure" and were welcomed. We were camping and were asked weather we wanted the beach and of course we did and were shown a lovely spot under a big shade tree right on the edge of the sand:)

We spent a very relaxed afternoon, were served a yummy lunch, spent time in the warm sea frolocking and snorkling over the reef which dropped straight down 40 feet and was covered with colorful fish, hanging out in thwe hammock and just chillin' til dinner was served. Then it was right to bed at 7:30pm, Yaya and Mama were out before dinner in fact and Mama had to be woken up but we let Yaya sleep.

We woke before sunrise around 5:30am and as the sun rose we wandered the beach in front of the village as it was waking up the same time as we were. We saw goats and chickens and baby chickens and lots of kids and even encountered the local crazy man..

...all before a yummy breakfast of fruit, oatmeal and pancakes. "Gaga likes pancakes Yaya told everyone at breakfast!

Adi's place is situated right between a Fijian village and a boarding school. The kids walk from the village to the school right by our tent and everyone had a warm Bula (hello) for us and all the kids were fascinated by Yaya and would sit with us for hours talking and playing with her.

In the afternoon we walked around the south end of the island to snorkel the reef over there by one of the other resorts, other than that all we did was play in the sand and swim and watch the sunset and rise. Our Bula Pass allows us 2 nights at 3 different islands so on Saturday we said good-bye and loaded up on the small boat which took us to the big yellow boat and north we went to Nacula Island