Friday, October 19, 2007

Nadi and Lautoka

We took the Big Yellow Boat back to Vanua Levi and caught a taxi into Nadi and found a room at a cheap backpackers overlooking the main street. We found a local pizza place and yummed out on a large pie. Our room overlooked a disco and we were rocked to sleep by techno-Indi-Fiji beats into the wee hours of the morning. The next day we did some shopping for some new sarongs and a cute little island dress for Yaya. We wnated to head to the Island of Taveuni and couldn't find anyone who knew when the boat left from where to there so we caught a local bus to Laautoka hoping it was the right place. The busride was fun and filled with colorful locals, Yaya loved the open air windows and all the cows along the road.

When we arrived in Lautoka we found out that the boat leaves from Suva which is a 5 hour busride back the way we came. We spent the afternoon at the local market which sold tons of fruit and produce and then found a cheap hotel for the night.

Yaya's new derss!


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