Friday, October 26, 2007

Leaving Taveuni and Fiji

Our ferry was delayed a day because some rich people chartered it and we had to spend an extra night on Taveuni. We took advantage of the time to find the Natural Waterslide and take a dip.
We fnally shoved off on Friday afternoon. Colleen has taught Ambiana how to play Go Fish and they amused themselves for awhile this way. We spent the night once again on the Ferry arriving back at Veni Levu at 5am to catch a bus that took us back to Suva!

Back in Suva

At 7am in Suva we stashed our bags in a cubby at the local outdoor swimming pool and then went in search of breakfast and internet cafes. I read in the paper that my beloved red Sox were up 2 games to 0 in the World Series!! I updated the blog and then we went to the Fiji Museum which was a big disappontment. There was not much there but the big oceangoing canoe was cool.
We found a park for Yaya to swing in then we caught the bus back to Nadi and spent the night at an overpriced backpackers close to the airport. Our flightto New Zealand leaves at 7:30am tomorrow! Colleen says she could live in Fiji forever, she loved the laid back pace in the villages and the friendlyness of the people. I loved the Yasawas and the sea but the 2 bigger islands did not do much for me. The cities too crowded and ramshackle trying to be 21st century global and too much litter. The People were very nice but there is an under current of conflict between the Fijiand and the Indi-Fijians. Civilization has laid waste to Fiji as it has to most of the planet.


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